Contractors who order polypropylene piping at The Macomb Group for fusion assembly have the added reassurance that their fusion equipment is in solid working order and quickly repairable, thanks to a recent series of hands-on and online training courses on McElroy Fusion Equipment.

Troy Taylor, The Macomb Group’s fusion product manager, led the hands-on training at its Sterling Heights, Mich. location. Participants included Joe Martin from the Akron, Ohio branch, Michael Hillebrandt from the Jeffersonville, Ind. branch, and Ray Stratos from the Livonia, Mich. branch. All three are Macomb Group valve assembly technicians.

According to Joe Martin, the training, which covered a full operations checklist, troubleshooting, parts locating, and repair procedures for a wide range of McElroy fusion products, offers Macomb Group customers a three-prong set of advantages. “We can sell you the piping, rent out the fusion equipment, and quickly fix it if any issues arise in the field,” Martin noted. “It’s a big value add.”

Martin added that this level of product support helps contractors adhere to project schedules, assuring quicker job turnarounds.

The online training modules are offered through McElroy’s own McElroy University. “For over 40 years, McElroy University has been the gold standard in training for operators and technicians throughout the world,” according to the company’s website. “McElroy University students stand out from the competition by having an understanding of common industry standards, proper machine procedures, and a high level of competency.”

“I thought the training, both in-person and online, was extremely well done, and went into a lot of depth on a wide range of fusion machinery, and will certainly benefit our customers, as well,” Martin said.