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Mechanical Supply Co., with headquarters in Matthews, N.C., is completing its first year as the center of The Macomb Group’s Southeastern regional expansion.

The newest members of the team are feeling a sense of accomplishment, but they aren’t resting for too long.The transaction enabled The Macomb Group to extend its service to the southeast marketplace as well as support out-of-state contractors looking to expand their areas of business activity, Mechanical Supply explains.

Taking three branches, more than 50 employees, hundreds of customers and millions of dollars of inventory and integrating all of it with a larger industrial PVF distributor while continuing to uphold the first priority of superior customer service — is no walk in the park, the company adds. The transition to a much larger platform with access to inventory at 16 additional locations across five more states and the resources afforded by a large parent company has produced many dividends, Mechanical Supply says.

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