Tags: Fire & Fabrication Division

Among The Macomb Group’s specialty divisions, the Fire & Fabrication Division holds a special place within the company, with an important mission to preserve and protect lives and properties.

The division has four locations including Charlotte, North Carolina, Sterling Heights, Michigan, Akron, Ohio and Harleysville, Pennsylvania. Through these locations the division is able to supply licensed fire protection contractors and engineers with a diverse mix of products, from sprinkler and suppression systems to stand pipes, fire extinguishers, and specialty hazard protection systems.

The Charlotte location is the newest site for the division, according to Dennis Roberts, division manager, who points to the southeast region as a dynamic market with bustling new construction and infrastructure projects.

“We enhance our core business – pipe, valves, and fittings – with the key firefighting components of our division, adding to it a manufacturing element,” Roberts explains, “allowing the company to bring greater value to its offerings.”

The mission of the fire protection industry is to preserve property and save lives. For Roberts, the fact that The Macomb Group can participate in that broader mission “brings us all a sense of greater purpose.”

Roberts and the sixty or so team members of the Fire & Fabrication Division take great pride in working on major construction projects and enhancing the division’s relationships with fire protection contractors and engineers.

“Fire protection contractors are often among the last contractors brought onboard during a project” Roberts says. “It becomes even more difficult for them when dealing with shortened construction schedules.”

“So, we’re here to help them along the way, giving them a sense that they can count on us to supply the materials they need, when they need them, and help them deal with ever-changing situations”, Roberts adds. “When people have that level of support, they feel empowered, and amazing things can happen.”

Learn more about the products and capabilities of the Fire & Fabrication Division by visiting www.macombgroup.com/fire-protection.