The PVF industry is one place where you can make a lifelong career — everyone needs these products, and there is always a demand for reliable suppliers. But a PVF company still requires the right people and the right leadership to be successful.

That’s why we’re pleased to welcome seasoned industry professional Doug Wojay to our Plumbing Division Inside Sales team. He’s been in the business for 34 years, building up the sort of breadth and depth of expertise Macomb is renowned for.

Doug says he has admired Macomb from the ranks of competitors over those decades. Wherever he was in his career, he always took note of how The Macomb Group seems to thrive — even during times of adversity.

“There have been ups and downs — the slow periods and the upswings, and when I was in the wholesale arena with the competition, I was always astounded how during the recession times and the slow periods Macomb continued to grow,” he says.

“It always amazed me how they kept on growing over the years when everyone else was trying to downsize to survive. They were prosperous and buying other companies and growing their company to where it’s at today.”

Since he started in the business in 1980 — while completing his college education by night — Doug has worked in nearly every area of the PVF business, from warehouse to stocking, counter, sales, and ultimately management.

Special focus on plumbing

And even though his experience is wide-ranging, he’ll bring a special focus to serving the needs of commercial plumbing contractors.

“Macomb has built strength in industrial PVF but to some extent has been missing out on the commercial end, fixture-wise,” he observes. “The company wants to get more involved in the commercial side, so the role seemed like a really good fit for me.”

In fact, in the few weeks since he joined Macomb, he has renewed many existing contacts on the commercial side, and, with his team of sales people, has already landed several new contracts. At the same time, he is helping Macomb to build and strengthen inventory for customers to ensure quick turnaround and best pricing.

Outside work, Doug enjoys softball, golf, and family time at a lakeside cottage. And because family is important to him, he really appreciates the family feel at Macomb — the culture of treating each other and our customers well.

He gained first-hand experience of our culture after telling a colleague about his mother, who had suffered a stroke. Not long after, that colleague sent a gift for his mother and offered Doug his prayers and personal support for them both./p>

“I’ve only been there for a little over a month and this guy is already doing good, showing me what kind of person he is,” he says. “It took me aback and I do appreciate it. That’s the kind of place this is.”

Welcome, Doug!

Can Doug help your commercial contracting company with your plumbing needs? Contact him through our main office by email at or by phone at 888-756-4110.