With thousands of hoses in varying materials, plus hundreds of thousands of connections, finding the perfect hose for your application can be overwhelming. The Macomb Group understands that every hose order is a custom job, so the Hose Division is dedicated to helping customers find the perfet product for every need. A member of the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD), The Macomb Group exceeds the most stringent industry standards. With decades of cumulative experience, The Macomb Group has the most knowledgeable hose professionals in the industry. Tim Chapman has been in the hose industry for over 25 years and brings with him additional work and educational experience. Jen Jessen has been in the piping industry for 15 years and moved to specializing in hose three years ago. The welders on staff are gifted hose artists with specialized hose welding and fabricating experience. Leo Smith has 20 years of experience welding hoses, and Pat Knittel has five years with the Hose Division under his belt. Any application you can imagine 
The Macomb Group sells every kind of hose imaginable, from industrial to air, food and beverage to petroleum, and natural gas to automobile. Obviously a petroleum hose can’t be used for a food and beverage application; there are FDA regulations and health and sanitary issues to consider. Likewise, you can’t have an industrial hose that will corrode when certain chemicals pass through it. Each hose, as well as its couplings and connections, needs to be specifically made for its application.

The Macomb Group Hose Division doesn’t simply sell pre-manufactured kits; instead, it customizes hoses depending on the very specific applications of each client.

To identify the correct hose and connections, Macomb consultants ask for specific details about the way the hose will be used:

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Application
  • Media
  • Pressure
  • Ends
  • Delivery

Known as STAMPED, this series of questions helps narrow down the right options for any application.

Rely on the experts 
It’s not surprising that many customers who call The Macomb Group haven’t delved this deeply into their hosing needs. Most people don’t think about hose-specifics and the plethora of variables until they call to place an order.

However, customers don’t have to be hose experts — The Macomb Group is just a call away. The Macomb Group is invested in customer satisfaction and won’t sell a customer a hose that isn’t appropriate. You can rest assured the professionals in the Hose Division will take time to customize the perfect hose solution for your application.

Let us take care of the details for your hose application. Visit our website or contact the Hose Division experts at The Macomb Group by email at info@macombgroup.com or call Tim Chapman at 734-943-1009 or Jennifer Jessen at 734-943-1010.