Tags: cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October marks Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a government-sponsored activity to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our nation. It encourages Americans to view Internet safety as a shared responsibility – at home, in the workplace and in our communities.

At The Macomb Group, cybersecurity is truly a shared responsibility, one that seeks to proactively protect our customers, our employees, and the entire business enterprise.

According to the company’s own cyber team – System Administrator Daniel Cecil and Management Information Systems Technician Jason Keomany – there are many facets that guide The Macomb Group’s attitude toward cybersecurity.

“Our approach is a multi-faceted one,” Cecil explains. “Not just one activity, but a whole lot of activities taking place every day, being constantly on the lookout for any weaknesses in our data security and working to tighten them up. That means every device, everything that comprises our business.”

Striking a delicate balance between ensuring security and running the business efficiently is extremely important, says Keomany.

“We work to focus on the areas that pertain to our business, such as phishing, ransomware, and other threats that can adversely affect businesses of our size,” he explained.

Cecil notes that in the last 12 months The Macomb Group, faced with supporting a remote workforce at many locations, conducted several activities aimed at preventing online threats, including changes to password criteria, two-factor authentication, and VPN enhancements.

In addition, internal training exercises, presented to Macomb Group employees via video and interactive technology, have addressed the importance of cybersecurity not just at the office or warehouse, but at home, as well.

“We’ve rolled out training modules that also address one’s personal information and how to protect it,” says Cecil. “The key to achieving a high level of cybersecurity is to educate everyone. That makes all of us safer.”

Increasingly, Americans are using innovative technologies and spending more time online. Our growing dependence on technology, coupled with the increasing threat of cyber attacks, demands greater security in our online world.