Here are some tips on properly putting together PVC from our friends at IPEX USA:

We are all aware that a properly cemented joint is a critical part of the installation of plastic pipe and fittings. And no matter how many times we join pipe and fittings, it’s very easy to overlook something. So, we just want to remind you of a few things you already know.

  1. Have you reviewed all of the instructions on the cement container label?
  2. Are you using the proper cement for the job … for the type and size of pipe and correct fittings to be joined?
  3. Do you need to take special precautions because of the unusual weather conditions?
  4. Do you have sufficient manpower? Do you need more help to maintain proper alignment?
  5. Do you have the proper tools and sufficient quantities of IPEX cements and primer, and is the cement in good condition?
  6. Remember primer is NOT to be used on ABS pipe or fittings.
  7. Be sure to use a large enough applicator to quickly spread cement generously on pipe and fittings. Then assemble immediately.
  8. Avoid puddling excess cement inside the socket, especially on thin wall, bell end PVC pipe, and ABS in any schedule.
  9. Be aware at all times of good safety practices. Solvent cements for pipe and fittings are flammable, so there should be no smoking or other sources of heat or flame in working or storage areas. Be sure to work only in a well-ventilated space and avoid unnecessary skin contact with all solvents. More detailed safety information is available from us.
  10. Finally, we remind you to INSIST ON IPEX!

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About Chuck: Chuck has been a PVF industry icon for over 42 dog years. He has never been one to lie down on the job — he has done everything from fetching will call orders to chasing down trucks to make sure his deliveries are on time. So, remember: If you’ve got a problem and you’re feeling stuck, don’t get discouraged, you can always ask Chuck!