The experts at The Macomb Group always make sure that any hose is installed correctly and safely. To be sure your metal braided hose is secure and reliable, use these handy tips.

Whenever you install metal braided hose …


  • Follow any instructions included with the flexible connector.
  • Follow industry-recommended practices and use care in handling and installing flexible connectors. (See the safety page from the National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors (NAHAD).)
  • Install flexible connectors so that the bend is as close to the center of the connector as possible.
  • Observe the minimum bend radius as published by Penflex.
  • Trial-fit threaded connections by hand, unmake, then make permanent.
  • Use a flexible connector of proper length to suit the installation.
  • Only wrench on the fitting hex flats as provided.
  • Design the installation to allow for ground movement such as settling or frost heave after installation.
  • Install the proper length connector to allow a 2-inch straight run or neutral zone of hose at each end fitting.
  • Use pipe wrenches on both mating hexes to avoid twisting the hose.
  • Keep hose free from all objects and debris.
  • Handle and store connectors carefully before installation.


  • Apply a wrench to a hose, collar, or assembly.
  • Twist hose assemblies during installation or when aligning the bolt holes in a flange or when making up pipe threads.
  • Pre-flex a flexible connector to limber it up. Over-bending could cause damage and result in leaks.
  • Over-bend a flexible connector.
  • Install a flexible connector with the bend next to the end fittings. This could cause damage and result in leaks.
  • Lay the flexible connector on rocks or objects that could puncture the hose and cause leaks.
  • Attempt to stretch or compress a flexible connector to fit an installation.
  • Restrict flexibility by allowing a connector to come into contact with other components or equipment during installation.

Additional information is available from NAHAD , which publishes its own Hose Assembly Guidelines for Corrugated Metal Hose.

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