“Sprinklers save lives and property,” notes Jeff Sancricca with Fire Protection Sales at The Macomb Group.

Although The Macomb Group can supply any type of fire protection system or sprinkler head, it’s not a one-size-fits all application. Whether the sprinklers will be installed in a high-temperature manufacturing facility or a high-rise apartment building, the system must be designed accordingly for that specific use.

Fire protection contractors need to have crucial information ready when ordering a fire protection system from The Macomb Group to get the safest, most effective results for every application. When ordering sprinkler components, contractors should be aware of several key considerations:

Will the system be wet or dry? Dry systems displace water from the pipes with compressed air to prevent freezing pipes. However, other systems need quicker response and readily available water in the pipes.

What activation temperature do you need? The typical temperature of the room determines at what temperature you want the sprinklers to be triggered. In a high temperature manufacturing facility, sprinklers might be triggered at 500° F, whereas in a residential space, 155° F could be the optimal point for sprinklers to go off.

What orifice size does the system use?The orifice, or opening through which the water is delivered, determines flow volume. A department store would employ a large orifice, while a small space would narrow the opening. This is a significant element because damage due to copious amounts of water being dispersed from sprinkler systems accounts for more insurance claims than fire damage.

What is your thread size? Threads allow the system to fit together smoothly with a custom fit.

What coverage do you need? The size and shape of the space is a determining factor for designing a fire protection system

What finish do you want? Aesthetics play a part in sprinkler head design. Head plates can be custom painted to blend with any decor. However, this must be done by the manufacturer as plates have triggering temperature sensors that must not be tampered with.

Will you use pendant or upright heads? Spray pattern, size, and landing area of spray, in addition to pipe location, are the determining factors for the type of directional sprinkler that will be used. In smaller applications, a sprinkler will usually face down with a targeted direct spray. However, in large spaces such as department stores, an upright sprinkler may be more effective because it provides wider coverage.

Armed with the right information, you can be confident that The Macomb Group’s Fire Protection Specialists will use their extensive knowledge to help you order the most effective sprinkler system for your application.

Sprinklers save lives! We take your fire protection order seriously.

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