Chuck’s Quick Tip: 
Here Are the Brackets That Will  Really  Help You Deal with March Madness  

Having trouble with your March Madness Brackets? Well maybe you need to look at the clamps, hangers, and brackets from B-Line.

B-Line offers an array of components that make your job easy to assemble. These tools provide a practical, cost-effective organization solution to help you reduce clutter and potential trip hazards.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customer Paul Connor at DTE Energy’s River Rouge Power Plant recently sent us examples of how his Fuel Supply Group has used B-Line components to implement 5S upgrades in their facilities. Paul notes that his entire Fuel Supply Group team collaborates on solutions for their workspaces, and through their creativity, they’ve come up with some terrific, useful solutions.

Check out these examples:

Critical Spares “5S” Stowage System



Rotary Car Dumper Facility “5S” System



B-line components can be used to fabricate any type of storage, hangar, or support framework. A little simple design work can result in solutions for hanging pipe, ladders, electrical conduit, rope, and many other items. You will be amazed at what you can build with struts, clamps, angles, dura-blok rooftop supports, and channel nuts. The configuration is limited only by your imagination!

Remember how much fun your Erector Set was when you were a kid? Get that feeling back and have a little fun with your brackets this March!  Click here to download the B-line catalog  and start working on your brackets today!

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