“Gaskets aren’t sexy,” says Dan Titus, the “Gasket Whisperer” at Flexitallic, a partner of The Macomb Group. Dan says that gaskets are often an afterthought in pipe system designs. However, selecting the right gasket for a job is critical.

“What keeps me awake at night is the thought of someone using the wrong gasket in the wrong application,” says Dan. “Using the wrong gasket can result in major environmental impact or even injury or death of a worker.”

Gasket Best Practice: Build the right gasket into your pipe system design from the beginning!

What is possibly the least expensive item in a plant quickly becomes the most expensive item if the wrong gasket is installed. Incorrect gasket selection and installation results in significant costs such as lost productivity, increased downtime, product loss, increased emissions, fines from monitoring agencies, risk to health of employees or nearby residents, and serious safety issues.

Things to consider are the type of flange, gasket materials, the media the gasket will come in contact with, and the pressure temperatures it will be subjected to. For example, will the chemicals the gasket comes into contact with have corrosive qualities? How much thermal cycling should be expected? These are significant factors to consider when choosing the right gasket.

The Macomb Group offers a simple way to remember all the details of gasket selection: STAMP.

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Application
  • Media
  • Pressure

Experts at Flexitallic offer an extensive set of gasket choices and can also custom-design gaskets to ensure the proper seal in specific environments. They offer consultations with a gasket expert to ensure proper gasket selection and installation, which saves future expense and reduces risk of system failure. Calling with information collected using the STAMP method will ensure the best results. –

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