Fuel costs, environmental pressures, and the need to minimize downtime drive a continuous search for efficiency in steam systems management. However, many organizations don’t have steam experts in their maintenance departments. If you need to make big improvements in your steam systems, it could be time to call experts in to improve and support your operation.

The Macomb Group and Spirax Sarco have teamed up to help you save energy and optimize your steam plant. With Steam System Services, you get

  • Tailored and integrated support to suit your resource plant requirements and budgets
  • Experts working alongside your maintenance team
  • Optimized performance at lower costs, and
  • Better plant efficiency.

3 steps to success

If you use steam in any operation, you are always looking for lower emissions, shorter warm-up times, reduced downtime, and fewer product rejects. Steam System Services can get you there in three interlinked steps:

  • Optimization Audits — To identify areas for improvement, improve reliability, and enhance performance, the team starts with a fact-finding mission, discussing your needs and “walking the plant.”

    This evaluation is followed by a proposal for an optimization plan. We’ll go over the plan in detail to ensure it works with your budget and business goals, and then create a schedule for implementation.

    Get ready to start saving!

  • Installation and Commissioning — We offer a full range of implementation activities: project management, basic or full installation, commissioning, and startup. All activities are supported by solid installation advice.

    Using our expertise means you reap the benefits of a fast route to cost savings and limited downtime. Plus, you don’t need to pull your own key people away from their core functions.

    The entire operation is tightly quality-controlled, with clear reporting and documentation.

  • Repairs, Maintenance, and Spares — Once your system has been optimized, you can keep it that way by outsourcing maintenance and service to us if required. All support services are backed by our quick, high-quality spares support.

    This program covers your entire steam plant, including boiler house, metering, controls, trap management, and engineered systems. It includes regular review and recalibration, repairs, breakdown, and troubleshooting — and all services are backed by a full warranty.

    Your plant is maintained at peak efficiency with preventive maintenance. You also get an optional, preferential call-out and repair service and the choice of regular payments for easier budgeting.

    Savings and benefits are clearly visible through monitoring and progress reports, leading to a measurable reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.

Steam System Services is a comprehensive solution for your steam plant needs. If you’ve resolved to make 2014 a better year for efficiency and cost savings, this is a great place to start!

Visit our website  to see our products. Place your order and consider it done! Contact the experts at The Macomb Group by email at  info@macombgroup.com  or by phone at 888-756-4110.

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