Gauge certification is one of those things that isn’t just “nice to have” — it’s a requirement for being compliant in some industries. That’s why The Macomb Group’s Livonia branch offers gauge certification with a timely turnaround by their in-house expert.

Jim Ballantyne is the gauge guru and Head Technician in Livonia, and he brings many years of experience to the table.

The dead-weight tester Jim uses for certifications is NIST-certified for accuracy. “It’s not a machine that everyone has, which is why so many customers turn to The Macomb Group for their gauge certification,” explains John Mazzie, Inside Sales Manager with The Macomb Instrument Group.

The most accurate machine around

The dead-weight tester is able to accommodate gauges for a variety of applications from new piping systems to existing chemical and plant processes to backflow preventer test gauges. The machine has NIST certification, and is sent in once a year to be tested on another documented NIST machine. “They test our machine on another machine,” John says. “Everything is documented so you can guarantee the accuracy. That’s part of what customers pay for — a guaranteed certification.”

This remarkable tool isn’t just available to Livonia locals; the dead-weight tester gets a lot of use from other branches as well. “Customers from other branches even ship their gauges to us,” John says. “We’ve generated a lot of business because our turnaround is pretty quick. Depending on the Instrument Tech’s schedules, we can typically do them in a day or two. And in emergencies, we even take walk-ins.”

Fast, easy, reliable service

This fast, reliable service is what sets The Macomb Group apart. We recognize the importance of your certification needs, and work hard to make sure you get what you need as soon as possible.

Whether you’re a plumber and you need your backflow preventer test gauge checked; or your application requires exact pressure measurements and you simply want to double-check the accuracy; Jim, John, and the rest of the crew in Livonia have you covered.

So stop putting off your certification — get it done quickly and get back to work!

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