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The Macomb Group understands the importance of choosing the right engineered equipment. For commercial or residential applications, going to a tankless water heater can be the perfect solution. But can you use them in areas where hard water is the norm?

Takagi’s durable design incorporates true long life. All aspects of Takagi tankless units are designed to add durability and reliability. Although many heaters are currently working well without water treatment, we recommend that customers in areas with hard water protect the unit’s lifespan and extend the time between servicing.

This can be accomplished several ways.

To reduce scale in areas with hard water:

  • Install a water softener before installing the tankless unit.
  • Install a water treatment device before the tankless unit.

In areas with exceptionally hard water:

  • The heat exchanger inside the unit may require periodic flushing to remove scale.
  • Keeping temperatures just a little lower helps prevent scale buildup.
  • A vinegar-like solution can be run through the unit to clean out any scale buildup.

Less scale and minerals in tankless water heaters

The minerals that are responsible for hard water deposits tend to precipitate out of water when subjected to high heat for a long period of time. This is the exact condition found in typical tank-type water heaters.

Those conditions do not exist in a tankless water heater, so mineral buildup is minimized. Further, there is no low-pressure water storage in a tankless water heater, so most minerals, sediments, and other debris easily pass through the unit with the water flow, rather than accumulating.

Want to learn more? Watch this video to learn how to flush your tankless water heater.

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