Technology continues to advance at an incredibly rapid rate, bringing new products to market on a daily basis. Considering this, it is not unusual that companies struggle when deciding which new products to buy. Having a trusted partner to guide you through the process of selecting new equipment is essential to providing you with the peace of mind knowing that you have the best products available to meet your needs.

Over the past 40-plus years, The Macomb Group has established itself as a leader in providing PVF, plumbing, boiler, heating equipment, instrumentation, valve automation, fire protection, pump, and tool solutions. The Macomb Group has more than 10 divisions dedicated to specific needs, so you can rest assured that you are getting incomparable expertise.

Known for partnering with leading manufacturers around the globe and a staff with an average of 15 years’ experience in their designated fields, The Macomb Group continues to offer cutting-edge technology alongside first-in-class customer service.

Caleffi’s Hydronic Solutions 553/573 Series

As the premier Italian manufacturer of heating components, Caleffi offers a boiler fill valve that surpasses traditional valves. Their 553/573 AutoFill Automatic Filling Valve automates the filling process by shutting off when the preset pressure threshold is met.

The valve is best suited for commercial environments such as hospitals, schools, government buildings, apartment buildings, college campuses, and hotels. The benefits of these valves are numerous, including:

  • Fast, automatic filling
  • Stable pressure maintained at pre-set value
  • Anti-scale polymer materials
  • Built-in shut-off valve and check valve
  • Pre-calibration
  • Optional backflow preventer
  • Optional pressure gauge

These features will enhance your system and protect it from traditional challenges. In addition, the valve’s automated features will reduce your maintenance and operation expenses.

Meet The Macomb Group’s Heating Division

The experts in our Heating Division can assess your current system and advise you on which product in the Caleffi Autofill 553/573 Series will best suit your needs. With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the heating industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, we offer several unique services in collaboration with esteemed partners to further assist you, including:

  • Value engineering — We will facilitate the evaluation of the heating requirements for your building so we can customize the product recommendations to produce the greatest results, at the lowest price, while providing you with the highest energy efficiency available.
  • Energy auditing — We will work with your company to complete a building use energy consumption audit. This information is used to identify the best products to improve a building’s use of energy to reduce energy expenditures moving forward.
  • Steam trap surveys — We will help you obtain a steam trap audit to further assist us in identifying the perfect solution for your needs that is within your budget.

Don’t wait until there is an emergency failure of your current valves to learn about your options and discover the best products available to move into the future. Whether you are looking now or identifying potential solutions for the future, we are here to meet all your heating needs.

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