Customers using or installing boilers and heating systems frequently turn to Macomb experts for guidance and troubleshooting — and we’re happy to help, whether you’re at the design (new or replacement/retrofit), installation, or repair stage.

Today’s high-efficiency boilers — 90% and above — are reliable, but they’re also complex and intolerant of mistreatment! It’s important to understand not just the boiler itself but how it functions in the entire heating system.

From Mike Boyd, West Region Sales Manager, here are the top things Macomb troubleshooters look for to avoid problems or pinpoint their source when they occur:

  • Right materials — All-copper pipes and fittings are best. Mixing copper and carbon steel makes the system prone to “dissimilar metals” corrosion.
  • Correct water treatment — Chemical treatment is especially important if you’re working with dissimilar metals, as mentioned above.
  • Water filter on closed loop — High-efficiency boilers don’t tolerate rust. Particulates will clog the boiler tubes and cause hot spots.
  • Treatment and filtering of pumps — The latest rotor devices are magnetic, so they won’t tolerate rust either. Iron oxide particulates stick to the rotor and eventually stop the pump.
  • Functioning flow switches — For best results, put the switch in the ‘T’ fitting before you assemble piping and make sure the paddle moves before connecting it to the system.
  • Follow instructions — All boilers, including the high efficiency Lochinvars Macomb supplies, come with fitting instructions. Follow them carefully.
  • Vent high points — Sometimes drawings and actual installations differ. Check for high points and ensure they’re vented to avoid air traps.


Of course, every installation is different, so when it comes to breakdown or poor performance, Kevin O’Neill likes to run through a list of likely trouble spots with a series of questions.

That way he can understand the structure of the system and type of heating. For example he might start at the beginning, identifying whether the system provides heat through baseboard or in-floor. He goes on to identify symptoms — like the boiler not firing, control problems, or heating in only some areas, or whether there’s an installation no-no, such as exceeding maximum permissible runs of piping in an in-floor heating system. Then he can pinpoint the problem.

Following Mike’s and Kevin’s guidance and individualized approach ensures custom solutions that will get or keep your heating system on track.

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About Chuck: Chuck has been a PVF industry icon for over 42 dog years. He has never been one to lie down on the job — he has done everything from fetching will call orders to chasing down trucks to make sure his deliveries are on time. So, remember: If you’ve got a problem and you’re feeling stuck, don’t get discouraged, you can always ask Chuck!