Bumler Mechanical is a contractor that maintains a strong track record of getting jobs done right. After it had successfully completed a building project for Bosch in Plymouth, Michigan, Bosch’s owners and general contractors knew that Bumler Mechanical was the best choice to accomplish the second phase of the Bosch Office and Renovation project.

When Bumler Mechanical was awarded the job, the project leaders knew the key to this job was going to be logistics; they needed to coordinate deliveries to their own fabrication shop  and deliveries of the prefabricated materials to the job site.

Teaming up to make a well-oiled delivery machine

For the job, Bumler Mechanical selected The Macomb Group to deliver 20-inch and down-grooved steel pipe. They chose Victaulic to provide the grooved mechanical couplings and fittings because Victaulic’s Advanced Grooving System provides high reliability and ease of installation and is readily available in the sizes they needed.

Grooving the large, odd pipe was a non-issue because Bumler Mechanical and The Macomb Group both have state-of-the-art grooving capabilities.

The biggest challenge in the job was the delivery schedule; it was tight, and because the job started early in the spring, there was a strong possibility that Mother Nature could throw a curveball into the mix. Weather could affect concrete pours, wall erection, and new-area heating, so delivery of piping had to be carefully monitored and all parties had to be responsive to sudden changes in the requirements.

Working with Field Superintendant Bob Griffith, Project Manager Steve Baldwin, and Fabrication Shop Foreman John Griffith, along with Lars Helminen from Victaulic, we were able to keep a continuous flow of both grooved-pipe and Victaulic fittings flowing into Bumler’s fabrication shop. Then, we utilized our fleet of semitrucks and flatbeds to coordinate the pickup and delivery of fabricated material to the job site for installation.

One more kink in the works

As any contractor knows, jobs these days rarely go exactly as they are drawn on the blueprint. In this case, a design change mandated that a portion of 4-inch pipe be rerouted — placing it directly over a computer room.

The Macomb Group had the answer. Working with Ipex, we were able to come up with a double containment system that was completely prefabricated with all the elbows and offsets completed — so all the customer had to do was bolt it in place.

Bumler chose the right partner. Because The Macomb Group has a diverse product offering, our team was able to come up with the solution and deliver it without missing a beat.

We are proud of our relationship with Bumler Mechanical. For them, and for all our customers, we commit to doing what it takes to keep every project on track.

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