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It’s never too early to optimize your operations. Out-of-date systems can jeopardize your business, as well as the safety of your employees and the community you work in. In particular, traditional valve operating systems often require a high level of maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Multiple parts increase labor costs and the possibility of malfunctioning.


The solution — Emerson’s Bettis Q-Series actuators with integrated controls

Emerson, a global technology solution provider, opened its doors in 1890, manufacturing motors and fans. They have grown year after year, becoming a leader in innovative technology solutions throughout the world.

Emerson’s Bettis Q-Series is the latest in cutting-edge technology for valve operating systems utilized by the oil and gas industry. Designed to withstand the harshest environments while automating systems, their robust engineering and innovative design provides reliability along with fail-safe technology.

Because it’s an Emerson product, customers know they are getting quality parts. Combine that with the expertise of Macomb’s Midstream Oil & Gas Division, and clients can be confident that they will receive exceptional customer service along with the highest quality of installation.

Features of Bettis Q-Series actuators

Bettis Q-Series actuators have numerous features, including:

  • SIL3 certification in process
  • Pneumatic control, speed control, and position feedback
  • Rugged cat aluminum corrosion-resistant housing
  • Corrosion-resistant finish and coating
  • High-grade aluminum pinion
  • Dual travel stops and nested spring design
  • Compact installation for small spaces

Benefits of Bettis Q-Series actuators

Bettis Q-Series actuators provide the following benefits:

  • 20% reduction in installation time, with a more compact design than traditional solutions
  • Flexible enough to retrofit existing pipe runs without the need for specialized equipment
  • Eliminates tube bending requirements and replaces tubing, fittings, solenoids, and switchboxes
  • Explosion-proof design for hazardous areas
  • Reduces design costs and allows for faster identification of problems
  • Does not require “hot work” permits or downtime for switch adjustments

5-year warranty

Emerson is so confident in its products that they offer a 5-year warranty for your entire valve operating system when you utilize their Bettis Q-Series Valve Operating System. As a trained distributor, The Macomb Group is able to extend this offer to its customers as well.

Midstream Oil & Gas Division Offerings

The Macomb Group oil and gas experts can install the Bettis actuator on any ball valve. Additionally, these actuators are a great fit for our PBV5700/6700 series API 6D ball valve, taking your operations to the next level of excellence. Our Midstream offerings include:

  • High-yield carbon steel fittings, flanges, and pipe, X52 to X70
  • Specialty outlets to meet the requirements of ASME B31.8
  • API 6D ball and check valves
  • Project-specific coatings for above- and below-ground applications

With all the benefits of automation, simplicity, reduced installation, and maintenance, along with an amazing warranty, why wait to find out how the Bettis Q-Series can solve your valve operating concerns while enhancing safety and productivity. In addition to our free consultations and expert installations, we offer all customers access to our 24/7/365 support services.

Call the experts at The Macomb Group at 888-756-4110 for expert assistance. Check out the many other solutions they offer via The Macomb Group eCommerce site!