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Aquatherm FieldPro Eases Piping Installation

Contractors now have a new tool to rely on for installing piping by Aquatherm, a global leader in the production of polypropylene pipe and fittings, and a major materials supplier to The Macomb Group.

Unlike metallic and other piping products, Aquatherm uses heat fusion to connect segments of pipe and fittings rather than glues, solders and gaskets. Although like welding, the material at the point of connection is not weakened. Instead, by fusing large joining areas, the connection is as strong as the pipe itself, if not stronger.

According to Riley Olsen, inside sales professional at The Macomb Group’s Sterling Heights, Mich., headquarters, Aquatherm recently rolled out its new FieldPro mobile app, which provides a quick and easy way for Aquatherm-trained installers to easily access commonly used fusion and other installation tools.

Features of the app include a fusion timer, which allows installers to perform and time up to three fusions at once, a hanger spacing calculator, which determines how many hangers are needed based on the weight of the pipe and pipe wall thickness, and a pressure testing feature which runs users through a testing sequence.

“This makes sure the integrity is solid, and for warranty registration purposes,” Olsen said.

In addition, the FieldPro app has a training card feature which makes it easy to issue contractors their installer numbers once training is complete. Olsen pointed out that the fusion division of The Macomb Group is well suited to provide training for all types of Aquatherm jobs. While the FieldPro app doesn’t require an installation number to use, there is a field to input the contractor’s unique installer number for future jobs.

Aquatherm FieldPro also lets contractors log multiple projects, and delivers searchable access to all the installer manuals, technical bulletins, and a design and planning guide.

“It’s a simple-to-use app that adds efficiency to the installation process, with information readily at hand, and provides a large degree of confidence among contractors,” Olsen added.

The app is free and available on the Apple App store and on Google Play.

The price of traditional metal piping systems continually rises and falls, but the cost of polypropylene piping systems remains stable. In fact, Aquatherm pipes do not rust or corrode like metal, so they help building owners, contractors, designers, and facility managers stay competitive and offer a superior piping system. Contractors also like the prefabrication ability of Aquatherm since it reduces time on site. The Macomb Group has cost-effective, intelligent solutions to meet your piping needs.