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Aquatherm North America (Aquatherm NA) and McElroy are introducing the mechanical and plumbing industry’s first hot tap tool designed specifically for polypropylene piping systems.

Aquatherm and McElroy PP Hot Tap ToolResulting from consistent and impassioned customer demand, the Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool from McElroy was developed exclusively for use with Aquatherm polypropylene random (PP-R) pipe and fittings. Previously, if a facilities manager or service contractor needed to add a new branch line, it would require shutting down and draining the piping system.

This new tool allows the installation of branches to a live service line, eliminating service disruption. While the technology has been available for other applications, such as buried high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, the new tool design offers a much more compact alternative, specifically for use with Aquatherm PP-R piping inside buildings and tighter spaces.

The patent-pending design completely seals the system, drills through the pipe wall and retracts cutout pipe pieces, leaving in place a fusion-welded outlet fitting and ball valve. It is designed to provide branch lines ranging from 1-2 in. nominal diameter (32-63 mm) on Aquatherm PP-R piping systems. As with the Aquatherm fusion outlet fittings that have seen widespread use, the hot tap outlet can be used on larger main pipes that are at least twice the nominal size of the branch line.

Aquatherm Vice President of Sales, North America, Glen Miller explained that this innovation represents a large step forward in the market as customers have long desired a tool that could allow for easier expansion and maintenance. “We are constantly working with our partners to move the industry forward, and the polypropylene hot tap is a perfect example of our dedication,” he said. “This is one more tool that makes Aquatherm an ideal fit for such a wide variety of piping-system applications.”

The tool is available exclusively through all Aquatherm Authorized Distributors in North America. The package comes with the Polypropylene Hot Tap Tool; 1-, 1¼-, 1½-, and 2-in. (32-, 40-, 50-, and 63-mm) cutters; and a carrying case.

The use of the PP Hot Tap Tool requires a special outlet fitting and ball valve combination, which is also available from Aquatherm distributors. This offering of a tool in branch sizes of 1-2 in. sizes provides a very good solution for many cases where a new line is needed. Future expansion is planned for branch sizes to 4 in. (125 mm).

To learn more about how this exciting new offering fits into Aquatherm’s overall offerings, please contact your local manufacturer’s representative by visiting aquatherm.com/get-local-support.

To learn more about McElroy equipment, visit mcelroy.com; to find a distributor near you, visit mcelroy.com/en/distributorlocator.

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