Clearing air or dirt from boiler and chiller lines can be time consuming, a major hassle, and an expensive part of regular maintenance.

Dirt and air in circulation lines create noisy and inefficient systems. User comfort goes down; costs of running those systems (and complaints) go up.

Looking for effective solutions that can quickly ease the pain? Look to  Spirotherm , makers of industry-leading air elimination products and dirt separators.

Over several decades, Spirotherm has developed a real-world approach to solving the pressures that facilities managers face of doing more with less — covering more square feet with no more staff and often a smaller budget, that is.

According to Spirotherm, “Whether safety, custodial, buildings and grounds, or comfort systems, the needs increase and the means to fill them are increasingly hard-pressed.”


It pays to address the flow of customer complaints about poor heating and cooling. Time spent responding to these needs with venting, bleeding, and dirt cleaning often could be used more effectively elsewhere.

The solutions — Spirovent Air and Dirt Eliminators — have been installed in thousands of educational and other buildings, silently doing their job and saving that precious maintenance time.

From standalone boiler or chiller systems to custom-designed units for central plants, Spirovent provides two full-flow functions, removing air and dirt with a single engineered product.

Separate air and dirt elimination products are also available for each function in either brass or steel.

Installing Spirovent devices can sometimes help to eliminate dirt and air problems you might have been living with for years, and prevent foiling to improve unit operation. That way, you won’t just remove dirt and air — you’ll also eliminate those complaints!

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