Regardless of how the economy is doing, manufacturing and industrial organizations always keep a close eye on the bottom line, and most are not inclined to invest money in expenditures that are just “nice to have.”

Pipe insulation isn’t one of those expenditures. Although some organizations treat pipe insulation as an afterthought, it’s a critical component of your piping system that should be built into any piping project.

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) offers some practical reasons for insulating piping:

  • Safety — An insulation layer protects workers from extreme temperatures on the surface of pipes.
  • Energy savings — Insulation prevents heat loss or gain, keeping the energy you’re paying for inside the pipe system — where you want it.
  • Improved process performance — An insulated process system experiences far less temperature fluctuation, helping ensure consistent system performance and a better end product.
  • Longer system wear-life — Insulation protects piping systems from condensation and corrosion in harsh environments, reducing the need for replacement due to wear.

Pipe insulation comes in a variety of materials, including fiberglass, rock wool, and slag wool blanket insulation. The experts at The Macomb Group’s R.L. Bondy division can help you select the proper material and thickness for your application.

Don’t let any more money leak out of your pipes!

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